Business Support Services 2

Training Support Services

WSI realizes that Human Capital is the most asset of any organization, therefore WSI has acquired advanced integrated capabilities to provide a wide range of training services and products designed to enhance organization and human performance. Our team dedicatedly works with our clients to create a strong training program by identifying and evaluating their individual needs, formulating courses and materials, and finally assessing the training.
We believe in rigorous consultations with the client to identify the most suitable means and method of training. Our training efforts vary from small demonstration to full-fledged comprehensive trainings. To satisfy the

training needs of our clients, we present a range of training services like: training management, Web-Based Training (WBT) initiatives, Computer-Based Training (CBT) programs, development of training material, and other staff development programs for teams and individual learning.Our training team at WSI greatly supports our clients’ specific training needs of distance learning through webinars, Web-Based Training (WBT) initiatives and other Distributed Learning services.

Call Center Services

WSI offers a variety of call center services for several organizations. WSI has concrete expertise in the planning, execution and monitoring of large-scale call center services. Our team at WSI realizes that Call Centers have become the primary means of communications between organizations and their customers. For this purpose, we use cutting edge technologies including speech recognition techniques to handle first level of customer support automatically, text mining technologies to allow better customer handling, agent training by automatic mining of best practices from past interactions, and many other technologies to improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our experts providing call center services excel at these two domains:

Technical Support

We offer best of the breed technical solutions to meet the business requirements of our clients; we also provide full technical support to meet our clients’ technical queries needs and assist them in maintaining in fully functional business processes. Our team has acquired solid expertise in optimal utilization of end-user resources including call center, help desk support and contact centers. Our technical support services encompass: staffing and capacity building of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), training the support staff, optimized support systems for functional needs of client business processes, Customization of hardware according to client requirements, quality control protocols, and development of training materials for stakeholders.

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