Business Support Services

The prime focuses of WSI to deliver solutions promptly that satisfies our client needs. We endeavor to fulfill our clients’ business need by providing unsurpassed business support services. Our Business Support services concentrate on sustaining the core business processes of our clients through strengthening the core potential of the organization itself or employing third-party service delivery.
In order to meet the above goals, some of the Business Support Services offered by WSI are elaborated here.


Project Management Services

WSI realizes the importance of project management as a  cornerstone to the success of any organization. With our project management services provided by WSI, we help our clients by planning, organizing, managing, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. We have a solid background to help our clients in all five developmental phases of their projects: initiation, planning and design, execution and construction, and monitoring and controlling business systems. In addition traditional project management services, WSI also focuses on process based management and agile project management using Maturity models such as the CMMI (capability maturity model integration) and ISO/IEC15504.

WSI has expertise in a variety of project management services including:
•    Project Support
•    Systems Integration
•    Process Engineering
•    Design Engineering Services
•    Project Quality Assurance
•    Performance Management
•    Program Management Training

Through their extensive expertise in project management, our team at WSI helps its clients to improve performance and expand their capabilities by providing support to large and highly complex programs and projects. We aim at positioning the organizational resources for future prosperity through strategic planning, process re-engineering, and continuous improvement. Our training services are presently employed for the excellence of operations for thousands of personnel worldwide.


WSI Accounting System

At WSI, we promote the use of Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products using a modular approach to cater for the needs of clients to promote efficiency and consistency. In this manner, we singularize design complexities, thereby endorsing customizable accounting applications that can be built on common modules for individual needs of clients’ business. When integrated with customized solutions, WSI Accounting Software provides scalable web based functionalities that are extremely flexible and transparent means of enhancing business intelligence.

WSI Accounting Software has user-friendly intuitive interface for customer and vendor contact management, import and export functionality, compatibility with call center solutions and compilation of customized reports and notifications. WSI Accounting Software is designed as a customizable web-based system that can advance customer service through concurrent information for customer inquiries.

Grants Support Services

In addition to other services, WSI also focalize on some Program Management Services like Grants Support Services. Our team specializes in grants management services in federally administered grant programs. To cater for the needs in this area, our teams especially focuses on internal workflow processes of grants management, outreach of grant applicant and support of both intra- and inter-organizational communication, implementation processes of grants and finally the information systems to support these activities.
Our team at WSI has acquired a deep comprehension in this domain with their extensive experience in seeking funding prospects, formal documentation of high level proposals, budget development, and guideline and policy correctness and consistency of federal agency programs. Our team helps and coordinates the clients with proposal preparation life cycle; provides contact for governmental rules and regulations requirements concerning grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements; and, connects all potential funding or regulatory governmental agencies.

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