DataCenter Management

Data Center Service Management: The New Business Imperative

To meet the needs of today’s complex, ever-changing data center environment and ensure that infrastructure and applications function properly on an on-going basis, a new business paradigm – Data Center Service Management™ (DCSM)™ – has been introduced. An extension of the IT Service Management (ITSM) discipline, DCSM helps organizations evolve to a higher level of process maturity within the data center. By broadening the ITSM discipline to the data center, DCSM offers an integrated set of systems and processes so that IT can holistically manage the data center as a single entity, including the overall physical infrastructure.

Only by managing the data center from this holistic perspective and taking every aspect and responsibility within the center into account, can organizations truly reach a higher level of process maturity to deliver IT services in alignment with business objectives.

Key benefits of implementing DCSM within the data center include:

Successful progress from the use of ad-hoc tools and limited processes into a holistic IT and facilities view
Ability to manage the data center through a unified management solution and formal best practices to reduce the potential of errors Access to real-time, actionable information to optimize operations across multiple data centers Ability to identify and proactively respond to events through real-time monitoring and automation A multi-dimensional perspective to support the needs of both IT and Facilities Aperture fully supports the principles of DCSM with a suite of proven solutions that create a unified view of physical resources across multiple data centers.

Aperture solutions uniquely meet the DCSM requirements so that organizations can take control of and optimize an increasingly complex physical infrastructure.

Aperture solutions can:

Visually monitor all data centers through a single, unified solution to eliminate the use of ad-hoc tools and processes
Optimize energy, capital resource and process efficiency with risk-adjusted values that provide insight into the actual resource load
More effectively right-size the physical infrastructure and extend data center lifespan with a holistic view of the infrastructure
Maintain a single, trusted source of information for the entire data center and its contents within a business service (DCSM) view
Automate and standardize data center processes to remove the “human element” and increase the delivery of predictable, high quality service