Geographic Information System (GIS) sector is growing rapidly due to the proliferation of internet in the daily lives of general population. Geospatial technologies are escalating corporate and government competence and efficacy at all levels, from strategic planning to business management, not to mention providing a better understanding of client needs. Geospatial solutions are provided in the areas of data acquisition, management, analysis, integration and visualization.

Our expert GIS team at WSI caters with the Consulting needs of our clients by providing them services in GIS Business requirement analysis, guidelines for GIS Implementation, Geospatial Technology assessment, and GIS Application Migration policy. As a part of our lifecycle GIS application development support, our team focuses on design, development and implementation issues of GIS and Geospatial application with special emphasis on personalized GIS data models, customized GIS application development for the specific needs of our

clients, deployment, user training, and their integration with current business processes. We also provide Spatial Data Services and Operations and Maintenance Support for GIS and Geospatial applications.
WSI covers a broad spectrum of GIS and geospatial solutions and services to support the business needs and goals of our clients. Our GIS and Geospatial services include the following:
•    Geospatial System Design and Analysis
•    Enterprise GIS Integration
•    Design and Development of Geospatially-Enabled   Data Models
•    GIS Technology Evaluation
•    GIS and Geospatial Application Migration Strategy
•    Geospatial Application Development
•    GIS based Web Solutions

Geospatial System Design and Analysis

WSI excels at integrated services for development and implementation of an end-to end geospatial solution, such as project management, GIS system design and development using Agile or traditional methods, GIS Data Model design, customization, migration, training and evolution. Our team of GIS consultants has developed sound expertise in the relevant GIS and geospatial technologies in the market, such as Intergraph, MapInfo and ESRI.
GIS based Application Development and Geospatial Web Solutions

WSI provides custom GIS applications and geospatial web solutions which are developed based on specific needs and requirements of our clients regardless of their complexity. We investigate all aspects of the problem from the grass-root levels to deliver the solution based on commercial or open source platforms. WSI offers a broad range of services we offer are Map Customization, Custom Tool Development, Application Migration, Web GIS, Mobile GIS etc.

WSI delivers end-to-end customization and GIS application development solutions on most of the common platforms for data conversion, application development, web application development, mobile applications, data mining and data migration. Our GIS team at WSI employs modern Information Technology development tools such as C#.NET, VB.NET, XML, ASP, Python, web services, portal technologies and cross-industry experience to deliver off-the-shelf GIS and geospatial solutions. Our Geospatial services include tasks such as geospatial application maintenance and support, development and integration of new geospatial projects and applications, and business process management.