IT Consulting and Advisory Services 2

Benchmarking Studies

The benchmark studies are part of our ongoing research and consulting activities at WSI. Our team delivers a harmonized set of business activity for our clients’ business processes, allowing insightful comparisons across competitors within an industry. We analyze each aspect of client and competitor digital marketing campaigns, tactics and results to help our clients take leverage of the collective expertise and deep industry knowledge of WSI. We provide monthly and quarterly benchmarking results in performance and activity charts to easily identify competitive strategy and effectiveness of marketing performance

IT Sourcing Strategy Development

Our IT Sourcing Strategy Development services offered at WSI aims to guide our clients in developing, planning and implementing an IT sourcing strategy. This process includes the strategic decision to IT sourcing strategy, by cascading our clients’ as Business and IT strategies. Our knowledgeable team at WSI will help you in deciding the right sourcing strategy based upon the market and price trends.
We offer consultation about the right IT sourcing option, relevant trends and insights, essential elements in well-founded sourcing strategy, out-sources and in-housed activities, the risks involved and other varied problems in the same domain.

Value Engineering Services

WSI provide Value Engineering Services as a systematic process to improve the value of a project through the analysis of its functions through a diversified team. Our team helps the clients to incorporate, to the extent possible, the values of design, development, deployment, maintenance, quality assurance and other phases. Our Value Engineering Services are recognized worldwide as a highly profitable means to achieve increased profits, client satisfaction, and improved quality. 


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