Software Solutions 3

Digital Asset Management

Some of the Digital Asset management services provided by WSI include software implementation of such systems, ensuring a scalable infrastructure, workforce training, maintenance, upgrades and technical support. Our team at WSI realizes that managing digital assets, like graphics, images, sound and video clips, layouts, documents, business forms , can be difficult when you’re dealing with millions of data at one time. Most of the times, these assets are critical to your business and how you target current and prospective customers. The Digital Asset Management Solutions provided by WSI utilizes both ‘off the shelf solutions’ and adapted application components to fulfill even the most complex business needs of our clients.

Web Design, Development, & Content Management

WSI excels at website design and development services. We provide website design, development, administration, maintenance, deployment and content creations and management services. Our team members work with clients to assess the site requirements, select and develop appropriate contents, and choose suitable server technologies. Web Design & Development Services as WSI can: build or upgrade your web site design, add effective marketing services, implement a new design, add e-commerce capability, build a custom application, build or clean

your customer database, or tune your web site content for search engine optimization effectiveness. WSI has years of experience in web applications development, database marketing services, personalization & custom web development. Our enthusiast professionals are highly proficient in applying cutting edge technologies in order to keep up the highest standard in quality & creativity. We provide template solutions and consistent user interfaces that allows for easy expansion and maintenance. Our site work conforms to all required security and accessibility standards. We also specialize in managing content for corporate, product / services centric websites. We have a solid experience in content creation, content contribution and content delivery.
Content Filter
We specialize in providing effective tools for monitoring employee Internet access behavior and logging HTTp traffic data for any objectionable material. Our Internet and E-mail Content Filter scans all incoming and outgoing email for user-defined keywords and phrases embedded in the email body, as well as in many attachment types. The administrator can quarantine email or forward it for review. Content Filter also allows customers to create custom lists of the file types to be blocked, such as .exe, .p2p, .asp, etc. Unlike other Internet and E-mail Content Filters, we focus on a sophisticated content based image analysis engine which has the capability to block graphic content along with the URLs and text based filters.
Internet and E-mail Content Filters is a server-side, real-time, filtering system that helps our clients to effectively monitor employee Internet access behaviors. In addition to these, we provide user-friendly interface, web-based administration interface, configurable features, system settings, web-based log review, and customizable search mechanism.

Mobility Solutions and Services

WSI provides competitive advantage for our clients’ bringing in operational efficiencies to their business processes by providing mobility in their services and solutions. The development of deeply integrated mobile systems into existing enterprise infrastructure pose significant development and integration challenges. The pre-built solutions at WSI help clients by adding a mobility component to existing IT systems and by transforming consumer-facing interfaces.

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