Software Solutions

Software Solutions Division at WSI provides a large array of services related to software and application development. Our services in this area include but are not limited to analysis, design, development, installation, testing, and integration services. We provide Software Engineering activities for software systems which range from lifetime application development cycle to partners integration, system installation, system customization and operational support for systems. We follow documented CMMI Maturity Level 3 methodologies.

We adhere to the best practices in all the aspects of system engineering we undertake. The utmost object of this division is to meet, and if possible surpass, the need of client in the most proficient manner with least cost implications.We aim to utilize our assorted set of services in Systems domain to create highly effective solutions for the satisfaction of our clients, delivering quality systems in timely manner.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Lifecycle Application Development Support

Through a pool of seasoned professionals, WSI offers state-of-the-art capabilities throughout the full systems lifecycle over a variety of platforms. Since our inception, we have focused on analysis, design, development, integration, modernization of information systems as our core strength. Based upon the best practices of lifecycle application development, our experts choose the most appropriate set of tools and technologies to ensure that each of our deliverables meets the needs of clients.

System Modernization

Our team is dedicated to provide the clients a support in the integration of the legacy system and other augmentations required to meet their varying needs. We offer our expertise integrate the latest tools and technologies with the existing legacy systems for a seamless transition in the operation of overall systems.  Our team will assist our clients to reap as much benefit as possible from their legacy systems while still being able to leverage modern technology. We provide service in the maintenance of legacy Systems, their enhancement analysis, design, and implementation, and data migration to relational databases.

System Integration

Our team at WSI specializes in the latest software platforms, tools, and project management methods for providing optimal IT solution for our clients. Our workforce for system integration has been extensively trained to develop expertise, skills and domain knowledge in information technology that brings different systems together. After a detailed analysis of our clients’ business processes, we offer best-fitting solutions for integration like Vertical Integration, Star Integration, and Horizontal Integration.
We have an extensive experience in large scale system integration and development; therefore, we are confident to deliver the quality solutions to fulfill our clients’ strategic goals.

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